SM6YEC Shack

My name is Mattias Åbom and my call sign is SM6YEC. I live in the countryside on a peninsula called Onsala on the Swedish west coast not far from Gothenburg .

I have a simple shack that I am very pleased with. A 12m mast outside the house had always been nice of course. My main rig is IC-7300 with is a small and well-functioning station for both SSB and digital modes. It is simple and fun to use. My second station is IC-7100 which is perfect as a remote station.

For DX, I use the most EADELTA7B antenna, but you should not underestimate what a dipole can do. My 80/40m dipole from Hari antennas works well. Many amateurs do not like the G5RV but I have to say that it is a good antenna as a complement to the antenna park.

When PSK31 came as new mode, I did a lot of PSK. I got about 100 DXCC with 50w and a G5RV of 6m height. Digital modes make it possible to get very far with a simple station, a simple antenna and low power.

After being a QRT a few years it was time to start up the HF shack again and in order to be able to get some more new countries in the log on SSB I bought myself a amplifier that generates about 600w as a little extra reinforcement and now with better antennas which are higher up in the trees at my new QTH.

I try to change modes as much as possible but digital modes is probably what I run the most. Since I became QRV again in 2018, FT8 has become popular among radio amateurs. Personally I think PSK31 is a better DX mode but FT8 is fun and, not least, the software is much better than PSK31 software that makes is to an attractive mode.